Farms and Orchards

Local produce and value-added products are the foundation of the food trail. Whether you are enjoying produce right off the tree or plant, or enjoying it in a dish or beverage, farms and orchards are at the root.


COlumbia View Orchards

8467 Hwy 30 W., Mosier

(541) 478-3750

Open daily, June to mid-July

U-pick cherries, pears


Annie’s Apricots

8264 Hwy. 30 W., The Dalles  

(541) 478-3502

Open daily in July

Stop by or call ahead for fruit picked to order

Tilton, Goldrich, Perfection, Wenatchee varieties


Key Lock Orchard

270 State Rd., Mosier

(541) 308-5454

Open mid-June to July, Friday-Sunday  

U-pick cherries, views


Sandoz Farm

5755 Mill Creek Rd., The Dalles

(541) 296-3859

Open May-Oct., Wednesday-Sunday; Nov.-April, Friday-Saturday

Farm stand offering meat, fruit and produce, pickles and jam, valley views


Rosedale Fruit Farm

1027 Root Rd, Mosier

(541) 478-3368

Open daily, mid-June to mid-July

Nine varieties of cherries for u-pick, valley views


Root Orchards

1111 Root Rd., Mosier

(541) 716-5499

Open daily, mid-June to late July

Over 15 varieties of u-pick cherries, including Bing, Rainier, Chelan, Tieton, Lapin, Skeena and Sweetheart


Lopez Farm

1120 Gem Ln., Mosier

(541) 370-4458

Open mid-June to early July, Saturday and Sunday

Five varieties of u-pick cherries, featured in Runcible cider, valley views


Evans Fruit Company

701 State Rd., Mosier and 1120 Carroll Rd., Mosier

(541) 478-3550

Open daily, mid-June to late July

Tours, u-pick cherries (including pie/sour) and peaches


Muirhead Canning

5267 Mill Creek Rd., The Dalles

(541) 298-1660

Open June-Dec., Monday-Saturday; Jan.-May, Monday-Friday

Fruit cannery, tours available in the summer, call ahead to order preserved peaches, pears, cherries, apricots, and plums in the summer for fall or winter pick-up